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Minutes April 17, 2006




A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held on April 17, 2006 at 6:00 p.m.  Present were: Mayor Benita White, Councilmembers: Jackie Dahlquist, Larry Graham, and Michael Green and LeeAnn Schumacher.   Also present: The Fin. Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Asst. Fin. Officer Teresa Gossard, Dir. Public Works Greg Hall, Cris Allen, George & Betty Bills, Christi Hendrickson, Kris Kroll, Tyler Richter, and Al Ackerman.  



Moved by Schumacher second by Dahlquist approve the amended agenda.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Motion by Schumacher second Dahlquist to approve the April 4, 2006 minutes.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.  The Economic Development Corp. minutes were given to the Council.  The School Board minutes will be forwarded to the Council when the School e-mails them to City Hall. 



Sp#06-05; Betty Bills; July 9, 2006

Motion by Green second by Schumacher to approve this spiking permit.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.

Temporary License #06-01 – Convention License – City of New Underwood – Randy & Kathy Madsen – April 19, 2006

Moved by Green second by Graham to approve this Convention License.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The district meeting will be April 19th at the Community Center with approximately 130 attending from seventeen cities.  Teresa Gossard reported she has had donated from local businesses over 50 door prizes and a big thank you to the donees. 



Supplemental budget ordinance number 06-05 received its first reading.  (This is to add the cost of the booster pump to the 2006 budget, using undesignated water funds.)  Motion by Schumacher second by Green to approve the first reading.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.



The booster pumps are here and when the four flanges arrive the public works staff will installed it. The property owners involved are being contacted about the placement of their meter pits. 




Cris Allen, Aquatic Director, went over the 2006 swimming pool schedule.  The guards returning are:  Herself, Tony Hall, Jenny Printz, Dani Hanson, Meri Jo Anderson, and the new certified guards are:  Ashley Hall & Seeley. 

They are planning on implementing an aerobics program during adult swim. 

There will be three sessions of swim lessons again this year with the second session running for five consecutive days instead of two weeks. 

The Junior Lifeguard program will be expanded training with the Junior Lifeguards helping with swimming lessons, pulling weeds and debris from fences, and volunteering in the concession stand.  The Council agreed that these Junior lifeguards will be allowed $3.00 worth of free food & drink when they are working.

Ms. Allen explained they would like to introduce volleyball tournaments, dodge ball (under consideration),  Buddy Day, and Coupons in the NU Post. 

They would like to add individually wrapped sandwiches that the patron heats in the microwave themselves and delete the hot dogs.  The Council agreed they should try it and see if it works.

The Electrical is still not finished for the pool lights.  Tammy & Roger will be contacted, and if the volunteer cannot finish it before the Pool opens, the City will hire an electrician to finish it.

Ms. Allen will contact the Swimming Pool Committee about a volunteer group planting flowers around pool house area. 

The swimming pool staff and the Swimming Pool Committee will be painting all of the floors prior to opening.

Ms. Allen will be teaching her first YMCA class in May and her first Red Cross class in June. 

Mike Olic will be contacted about the roof extension on the pool house.

The Council thanked Ms. Allen and commended her on the good job she is doing at the pool.



The FAA donated a 6 cylinder Detroit generator, a self contained above ground 500 gallon fuel tank, and an air conditioner unit to the City of New Underwood.  The generator and air conditioner are here and in the shop.  After discussion on how to get the fuel tank unloaded, as it weighs 12,000 pounds, Mr. Richter contacted Travis Madsen, who volunteered to unload the tank for us.  The Mayor and Council thanked Mary Beck on arranging this donation to the City.



How to take the samples of the water for the radium testing followed.  The results from the two samples we sent last have not been received. 

Different options on where to place a secondary line from the well to the City were discussed.  Looking at grants for both projects was suggested by Mr. Richter.

The Dir. of Public Works reported separate saddles, corporations, and shut offs need to be installed on the property line at the Baptist Church & Kinzler's properties.  The Council agreed this problem needs to be fixed and to proceed when time allows.



Water Ordinance Number 06-03 and Sewer Ordinance Number 06-04 received their first readings.  Alderman Green felt that the amount put away for repairing and upgrading current lines needs to increase.  The Council agreed it should be a percentage instead of a dollar amount.  The Finance Officer will run the figures and report back.  Alderman Green would like inserted in the ordinance exactly where the service lines are running, even though we are not responsible for service lines more discussion on this subject followed.  Section 3 is to stay in and Section 12 is to be deleted.  Use the wording availability fee instead of hook up fee should be changed throughout the ordinances.  Motion by Schumacher to accept the first reading of Ordinances 06-03 and 06-04.  This motion died for lack of a second.  The rest of the Council felt these ordinances needed more thought and the suggestions they made inserted.



Christi Hendrickson reported she will be making a career change and Kris Kroll will take over her job at the newspaper, with both her and Teresa Gossard helping with the transition.



Building Permit 06-05; GPS Construction; 113 S. “B” Ave.; Enlarge north side entryway, cover porch area, and small deck

Moved by Green second by Dahlquist to approve this permit.  Aye: Dahlquist, Green, Schumacher.  Abstain:  Graham.  Motion carried.



  1. City Hall renovation on back burner for now.  Some other ideas have come up and we are still working on them.
  2. Clean Up Weekend - April 22 & 23 Alternate May 6 & 7.
  3. Animal Clinic - April 23, Sunday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  4. The Mayor and Council expressed thanks to LaVonne Moffitt and Sharon Anderson for planting the flowers at the Community Center and the Park.
  5. The 1416 drainage project will begin when it is dry enough to get the dirt from Jensen’s without causing ruts. 
  6. The Finance Officer presented the governmental funds reports.
  7. The Sheriff’s Department will have an open house to tour the new annex on April 19 from 3-6.
  8. The Solid Waste restricted use permit has been approved and issued to the City by DENR until April 11, 2011. 


 Being no further business the meeting was adjourned by the Mayor at 7:45 p.m.


(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer