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Minutes May 6, 2020


A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center on May 6, 2020. Present were: Mayor Jack Trullinger, Council members: Teresa Gossard, Larry Graham, Tara Richter and (by telephone) Kathy Trullinger. Also present: Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Director, Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer, Dir. of Public Works Tim Hall, Deputy Jones, Sgt. Harkins, Tera Hockenbary, Melanie Tish and Serena Rice. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Trullinger with the Pledge of Allegiance following.


Motion by Gossard second by Richter to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Moved by K. Trullinger second by Gossard to approve the minutes for April 14, 2020. Aye: all. Motion carried.


The bill-list, savings sheet and vouchers were presented. Moved by Graham second by Gossard to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented. Aye: all. Motion carried.

April bills payable May 6, 2020


First Data (card fees) – 65.66; Salaries – Mayor & Council – 1285.23; Cleaners – 63.87; Public Works – 293.90; IRS EFTPS (SS & FWT) – 416.76; WREA (Service) – 1739.91; Golden West (telephone) – 291.96; SD State Treasurer (April Sales Tax) – 336.83; Pennington County Courant (publishing fees) – 215.70; MasterCard (stamps, storage totes, office supplies) – 314.42; Menards (bulbs) – 249.62; Ione I. Wolf (comp. absent salary) – 950.54; Meri Jo Anderson (consulting fees) – 644.00; City of Rapid City (March dump fees) – 672.01; City of Rapid City (April dump fees) – 2061.46; Kieffer Sanitation (roll off) – 170.00; SD Dept. of Labor (reemployment ins.) – 29.06; Peterbilt (GT airline repair) – 22.46; Dennis Johnson (compressor for CC geothermal) – 924.69; Pennington County Sheriff (2nd qtr.) – 12732.00; Wang’s Heating and AC (replace CC compressor) – 281.89; USPS (yearly box rental) – 120.00; Harvey’s Lock Shop (keys) – 5.60; Batteries Plus (mower battery) – 41.95; McLeod’s (election supplies) – 66.76; Jose Amezquita (closure strips) – 600.00 TOTAL: $ 24596.28


Mastercard (Apria) – 110.76 TOTAL: $110.76


Larson Flooring (CC flooring) – 21375.00; Lee Phillips Trucking (hauling EZ street) – 1100.00; 71 Soil and Stone (26.84 ton EZ street) – 3757.60 TOTAL: $26232.60


WREA (Service) – 809.41; WRT (radium removal charge) – 2275.88; Omni Site (alarm) – 25.00; U.S. Bank (SRF) – 1693.16; Ione I. Wolf (comp. absent salary) – 950.53; Hawkins (pump, tube, roller, assy.) 130.00; SD One Call (locate fees) – 11.55; Midcontinent (1st qtr. Water tests) – 2285.00 TOTAL: $8180.53


Finance Office – 3191.74; Public Works – 4552.03; SDRS (retirement plan) –1059.12; Ione I. Wolf (comp. absent salary) – 950.53; IRS EFTPS (SS & FWT) – 2577.37; HPSD – 1739.19; Aflac (ins.) – 114.66; WREA (service) – 165.90; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm) – 25.00; Tem-Tech (install Omni-Site controller) - 276.10TOTAL: $ 14650.64


The floors have been completed at the Community Center and only the trim needs installed to finish this project.
A load of EZ street was delivered and as of now there is no more available.
Street repairs have been started.
Clean up weekend was very busy and the Public Works guys helped some residents that were unable to haul their own stuff out.
Blake Fastnatch is planning to be here the week of May 11th to bale up the tires that were collected during clean up weekend.

Deputy Jones presented his monthly report.


The New Underwood Class of 2020 will be led around town on May 16, 2020 by the
Volunteer Fire Department after their commencement exercises at the Football Field. In order to follow CDC recommendations, the public is asked to not gather on A Ave. as they will be going down almost every street. Please show your support of our local youth by decorating your yards in purple and gold or stand out in your yards and wave as they go by your home.


Supplemental Budget Ordinance #20-03 received its second reading.



BE IT ORDAINED by the New Underwood City Council that the following amounts be appropriated to the 2020 budget to meet the obligations of the municipality: (Gen. Govt. Bldg.) 101/419.2/425 – 3000.00; Means of finance: unassigned funds.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer Jack W. Trullinger, Mayor

First Reading:April 14, 2020

Second Reading: May 6, 2020

Publish Date: May 14, 2020

Effective Date: June 3, 2020

Motion by Gossard seconded by Graham to approve the second reading of Ordinance #20-03. Roll call vote. Aye: Gossard, Richter, K. Trullinger, Graham. Nay: none. Motion carried.


It was moved by Graham second by Richter to approve the renewal of Harry’s Hideaway, Harold Jensen at 16092 Highway 1416 and The Hall, Tim Hall at 412 S. A Ave.; Uniform Alcoholic Beverage License; Malt Beverage and SD Farm Wine Licenses. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Gossard seconded by K. Trullinger to approve the following building permits; BP #20-06 for George Langendorfer to build a breezeway at 16042 Hwy. 1416, BP #20-08, Church of St. John; 48 x 72 Building; 16071 Hwy 1416, BP #20-09 for Stetson Stover to build a fence, 208 S. Madison, and BP #20-10 for Esther Trullinger to move on a storage shed at 204 S. Madison as they all meet setbacks. Aye: all. Motion carried. Motion by Gossard seconded by Richter to table BP #20-07 for Thomas Urbanati, a covered deck at 208 S. D Ave. until the property owner has given written permission. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Graham seconded by Gossard to approve SL #20-04; Moe’s Bar and Grill on June 27, 2020 at the Community Center for the Stockgrowers Assoc. steak supper and dance. Aye: all. Motion carried. Serena Rice advised that there is a poker run planned for that date and if the street was to be closed it could cause issues. As of now there has not been a request to close the street for this event.


Mayor Trullinger recommended the Council appoint themselves as the Appraisal Board. It was moved by Graham seconded by Gossard to appoint the City Council as the Appraisal Board for the year 2020. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Mr. Hall presented the items for surplus to the Council whereupon Resolution Number 20-03 was introduced.


BE IT RESOLVED by the New Underwood City Council that the following property be declared surplus: Metal slide & 1971 Wabco Motor Grader 666B.

Dated May 6, 2020


Jack W. Trullinger, Mayor

Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer

The Appraisal Board went into session at 6:20. It was decided that it would be in the City’s best interest to price the slide at $50.00 as it has sat unused for many years. At 6:27 the board recessed to go look at the Motor Grader. It was reconvened at 6:32. The Appraisal Board set the minimum bid at $5,500.00 for the 1971 Wabco Motor Grader. They closed the appraisal board meeting at 6:34 and reconvened the City Council meeting.


Sealed bids for a 1971 Wabco Motor Grader 666B will be accepted by the Finance Officer at the New Underwood City Hall, New Underwood, South Dakota, until June 1, 2020 at 12:00 noon. Bid openings will be at the New Underwood Community Center at on June 3, 2020. Terms: Cash within seven (7) days after bid opening. The appraised value is $5,500.00. The Common Council of the City of New Underwood reserves the right to reject any and all bids, regardless of the amount of that bid. Th grader is at the Public Works Shop to view.

Dated this 6th day of May, 2020.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer

Motion by K. Trullinger second by Richter to advertise the 1971 Wabco Motor Grader 666B for highest bid. Sealed bids will be accepted at City Hall. Aye: all. Motion carried.

424 S. A Ave.

Motion by Graham seconded by Richter to have Public Works mow the property belonging to Economic Development Corp. at 424 S. A Ave. as it is used for snow storage in the winter. Aye: Gossard, Richter and K. Trullinger. Graham abstained. Motion carried.


After a very long discussion between themselves and with the audience weighing the pro’s and con’s of opening the pool, different options of how to open it safely during this time with the
Covid-19 virus, and knowing that people come from surrounding communities that have had positive cases, motion by Graham seconded by K. Trullinger to have the pool remain closed for the summer. Roll call vote. Aye: Gossard, Graham, Richter and K. Trullinger. Motion carried.

The pool will be cleaned and painted in preparation for next year.


The Mayor made the following recommendations for appointments & designations: Finance Director – Meri Jo Anderson; Finance Officer – Kristi Pritzkau; Director of Public Works – Timothy Hall; Law Enforcement – Contract Pennington County Sheriff.

The Mayor recommended designating the Pennington County Courant as the legal newspaper (Reference: SDCL 9-12-6).

The Mayor recommended designating First Interstate Bank and SD Public Funds Investment Trust as the official depositories of City funds.

Motion by Gossard second by Richter to approve these appointments and designations. Aye: all. Motion carried. Mayor Trullinger administered the oath of office to Meri Jo Anderson and Kristi Pritzkau.


Ione Wolf has retired from the City Clerk job and the position has been filled by Donna Rankin.
Feeding SD will be delivering food boxes on May 8, 2020 again and some members of the Council will help to distribute them.
It is recommended that all renters of the Community Center follow CDC guidelines when using the facility.
Serena Rice verified that if she were to ask for the Council to hold a Special Meeting to approve a Special License for the recently planned Barrel Racing at the rodeo grounds that it would need to be paid for.
Being no further business Mayor Trullinger adjourned the meeting at 7:09 p.m.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer