New Underwood, South Dakota

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Minutes May 26, 2021


A special meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center on May 26, 2021. Present were: Mayor Teresa Hall, Council members: Larry Graham, Tera Hockenbary, Tara Richter and Kathy Trullinger. Also present: Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Director, Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer, Director of Public Works Tim Hall, and Amy Caringi. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance following.


Further studies need to be done to determine the best use of our available resources and what will need to be done in the near future to ensure the sustainability of our water and sewer systems for current usage and expansion. The options of a new well farther north, additional pumps or upgrading our current well and storage system were all questions discussed.
According to the AE2S report the current water system can service up to 64 new homes.
The question was asked about the increase in water loss shown this last year. It was explained that the new meters show actual use rather than estimated usage.
It was noted in the study that Well #1 may need some rehabilitation in order to provide the current system with enough water in an emergency. Well #1 does have a spare pump but may not be in good condition.
There are 4” water lines, joined with 6” water lines throughout the city, that should be replaced.
Mr. Hall will check on what size of booster pump may be required for the potential new water customers and the cost.
The New Underwood Fire District has an ISO rating of 6 for the City of New Underwood.
Mayor Hall suggested that as the northerly properties that may request annexation could have low water pressure, the Council could stipulate that although water will be provided, water pressure would not be guaranteed so cisterns may be necessary.
Viewfield has expressed interest in joining the City of New Underwood water system in case of an emergency with either system. More information needs to be gathered for this to happen.
The developers of new housing areas are required to hire engineers to study how to meet the requirements for proposed sewer and water lines.


We have the New Underwood Fire District, it is a taxing district, not a volunteer fire department.
Well #1 does not currently have radium removal capabilities.
With no further business discussed the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer