New Underwood, South Dakota

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Minutes December 1, 2020


A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall on December 1, 2020. Present were: Mayor Teresa Gossard, Council members: Larry Graham, Tera Hockenbary, Tara Richter and Kathy Trullinger. Also present: Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Director, Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer Public Works Director Tim Hall and Deputy Jones. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Gossard with the Pledge of Allegiance following.


Motion by K. Trullinger second by Richter to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Moved by Hockenbary second by Richter to approve the minutes for November 17, 2020. Aye: all. Motion carried.


The bill-list, savings sheet, monthly revenues and savings sheets were presented. Moved by Graham seconded by K. Trullinger to approve the financial reports and the following warrants. Aye: all. Motion carried.

November bills payable December 1, 2020


First Data (card fees) – 84.03; 2461 & 3410 (voided checks) – (133.59); Salaries: Mayor –411.75; Finance Office – 3036.24; Public Works – 4734.98; Cleaners – 124.10; SD State Treasurer (interest on sales tax) – 5.05; SDRS (retirement) – 1090.58; IRS EFTPS (SS & FWT) – 2679.26; HPSD – 2318.92; Aflac (ins.) – 114.66; Sam’s Club (credit & food pantry w/donation money) – 90.73; City of Rapid City (landfill fee) – 5.00; City of RC (Oct dump fee)- 391.17 WREA (Service) – 1874.10; Golden West (telephone) – 299.28; SD State Treasurer (Sales Tax) – 343.43; Pennington County Courant (publishing fees) – 172.36; , SD Federal Prop Ag(jacks/shop.) – 30.00; City of Rapid City (dump fees) – 1609.52 ; SD Govt HR Assoc (Membership fees) – 50.00; SD Municipal Street Maint. (member fees) – 35.00; SDML (membership dues) – 904.67; SD Govt FO Assoc (membership dues) – 70.00; SDML Code Enforcement (membership dues) - 40.00 ; Action Mechanical (CC furnace repairs) - 1020.08; BH Chemical (CC cleaning supplies) – 74.65; Midwestern Mechanical (CC furnace repair) - 218.50; Ace (deadbolts/locks/paint) – 255.46; Whisler Bearing (garbage truck) – 55.25; DSG (exit/emerg. lights) - 375.32; Kimberly Richter (computer repair) - 75.00; Meri Jo Anderson (consulting fee) – 1150.00; Betty Selchert (WREA lights donation) – 100.00; Mastercard (running boards, McAfee, etc.) – 954.71; TOTAL $24660.21


WREA (Service) – 692.03; WRT (Base treatment) 2275.88 Omni Site (alarm) – 25.00; SDWWA (membership dues) - 10.00; Hawkins (chemicals) – 373.33 TOTAL $3376.24


Stetson Stover (balance of meter deposit) 92.40 – TOTAL: $92.40


WREA (service) – 109.97; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm) – 25.00; Hills Septic Service (pump lift lagoon) 325.00; Continental Research (Bacto-Dose) – 559.76 TOTAL: $1019.73


There was a blockage in a sewer main that was sewer jetted twice to clear. He stated he will be looking into being able to borrow a water truck or possibly purchasing if an inexpensive one is found.
He will contact the local volunteer fire department about using one of their trucks to assist in clearing the silt at the lift station while Hills Septic is pumping it out.


Mr. Hall has two quotes for brushes for the Bobcat broom, one with poly bristles and steel wire and another with poly bristles only. Currently the brushes are too short to efficiently remove snow. Motion by Graham second by Hockenbary to purchase brushes for the Bobcat broom for up to $750.00 this year as the funds are still available. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Deputy Jones presented the monthly report and reiterated that everybody should be locking their cars and homes to help keep the theft rate down.


Motion by Hockenbary seconded by Richter to approve setting the election date for April 13, 2021 and appointing Connie Carmichael, Kathy Lemke and Sara Hansen as the election officials with Jack Trullinger and Mary Boydston as alternates. Aye: all. Motion carried. This had initially been approved November 3, 2020 but was inadvertently omitted from the minutes.


The yield sign that was at the intersection of Highway 1416 and 161st Ave was changed to a stop sign when the signs were updated on the county roads recently. Pennington County had contacted the City of New Underwood in 2011 about whether a stop sign or a yield sign was preferred. It was decided that a yield sign was preferred and Pennington County had obliged. Motion by Hockenbary seconded by Richter to request Public Works remove the stop sign and replace it with a yield sign at the intersection as had initially been decided at the September 21, 2011 meeting. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Graham seconded by K. Trullinger to purchase two updated computers for City Hall with Windows 10 for up to $1,800.00. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Graham seconded by Hockenbary to renew the domain name at a cost of $90.00 for two years. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Graham seconded by Richter to approve the first reading of Supplemental Budget Ordinance #20-09 to cover costs incurred in 2020. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Mayor Gossard compliments the decorators of the trees by the Community Center, they are beautiful. Thank you to those involved for adding some holiday cheer to the area.
Councilor Graham mentioned the old sign posts that had been updated need to be removed by the company that installed the updated signs.
The agreement with Public Surplus group to list the Surplus Wabco grader is still being worked on. A couple of changes will be made and they will be signed to show acceptance by the person in charge at Public Surplus.
Being no further business Mayor Gossard adjourned the meeting at 6:33 p.m.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer