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Minutes April 7, 2010

                             MINUTES OF THE



A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center on April 7, 2010.  Present were: Mayor Benita R. White, Councilmember’s: Jackie Dahlquist, Michael Green, John Torrey, and Jack Trullinger.   Also present: Dir. Public Works Greg Hall, Finance Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Deputy McPherson, Sgt. Weber, Rikka, Hanna & Bono Bechtel, Cris Allen, Dianne Trullinger,  Joe Whitney, and Todd Bushie. 



Moved by Green second by Dahlquist to approve the agenda.  Aye: all. Motion




Moved by Torrey second by Dahlquist to approve the March 17 & March 23, 2010 minutes as presented.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILL LIST                                                                                  

The financial reports, bill-list and vouchers were presented.  Motion by Trullinger second Torrey to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

March bills payable April 7, 2010

GENERAL FUND                                                                                        

Salaries – 3932.74; Wellmark (ins.) 488.18; Merchant Bank (visa charges) – 17.75; FIB (SS, FWT) – 1083.63; SD Retirement (Mar) – 499.81; WREA (Service) – 1414.41; Golden West Service) – 298.99; SD State Treasurer  ( Sales Tax) – 268.43; RC Landfill (Dump Fees) – 1899.15; ELAN (supplies, fuel oil chg, trailer rent, training) – 694.53; NU Post (publishing) – 581.93; Penn. Co. Highway (fuel) – 106.52 Avenet (domain name) – 55.00; Unemployment Ins. Div. (1st qtr) 465.10; Steve’s (fuel) – 300.69;  Kristi Lemke (clean CC) – 70.00; NU Ambulance (1st qtr) – 500.00; McLeod’s Printing (election supplies) – 19.85; St. Paul Stamp Works (pet tags) – 60.64; SD Fed. Prop. (totes, scaffolding, inflatable toys) – 2096.25; Dianne Trullinger (CH cleaning) – 144.00; BH Agency (ins) – 829.00.  TOTAL: $15826.60.


FIB (loan payment PWB) – 1878.44.  TOTAL:  $1878.44

WATER FUND                                                                                             

Salaries – 217.26; Wellmark (health ins) – 976.36; FIB (SS & FWT) – 42.63; SD Retirement (Mar)  – 55.17; WREA (Service) – 855.99; Elan (paint & stamps) – 224.74; Omni-site (alarms) – 23.00; Altel (service) – 112.65; Cetec Engineering (radium project) – 3745.65; Energy Labs (testing) – 210.00; Western Communications (antennas) – 159.00.  TOTAL: $6622.45.


FIB (bank charges) 46.66; City of NU (reimbursement for expenses) – 31418.86.  TOTAL: $31465.52.


Chana Cudmore (refund) – 42.00  TOTAL: $42.00





Salaries – 4054.61; FIB (SS & FWT) – 1242.34; SD Retirement (Mar) – 633.06; WREA (service) – 70.97; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm)  – 23.00; Division of Motor Vehicles (title & license sewer jet) – 64.00; Internal Revenue Service (FWT) – 40.22. TOTAL:$6128.20.



The Dir. of Public Works presented his written report.  The staff has been working on changes to bid package with CETEC, garbage totes, checked out jumping castles, they are good, put bugs into lagoon for odor control, shut off water, CC sound system, wells and lift station, remotes gravel, helped unload WRT system, inventory pipe for new system.

The opening in public works has been advertised.  



Deputy McPherson presented his written monthly report and reported the Tri-county program will be May 10th.

Complaints on the speeding on Janklow Ave. and through the alleys were received.  Deputy McPherson will follow up on this.  It was also suggested that barricades be put up in the alleys where the speeding is occurring.  The Sheriff’s Dept. also requested citizens call 911 with vehicle information when they see speeders.



Supplemental Budget Ordinance Number 10-01 received its second reading.





BE IT ORDAINED by the New Underwood City Council that the following amounts be appropriated to the 2010 budget to meet the obligations of the municipality (this project was budgeted for in 2009, but project not started until 2010):  601-433.1-436 (radium removal system) - $359,000.00.  Means of finance: Grant & SRF & Stimulus monies.



                                                                                    Benita R. White, Mayor




Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


First reading:  March 17, 2010

Second reading:  April 7, 2010

Publish Date:  April 15, 2010

Effective Date:  May 4, 2010


Motion by Torrey second by Dahlquist to accept the second reading of Ordinance Number 10-01.  Roll call vote. Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, Torrey, and Trullinger. Nay: none.  Motion carried. 





Mr. Hall reported that the WRT equipment was delivered and installed into the building, he is familiarizing himself with how the system works.  

Cetec requested approximately $800.00 more to the contract for additional work on the radium removal project.  Moved by Trullinger second by Green to honor this request. Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The Board met March 23 to open the pipe bids, since this was a short meeting, it was moved by Torrey seconded by Green to forgo the salary for this meeting, omitting Trullinger, since he was not present at the March 23rd meeting.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The next regular meeting will be Monday April 19, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.  The Council will canvass the April 13th election at this time.  The district meeting is in Wall on Wednesday April 21st. 


Other items discussed:

1.      Winter Speaker Mar. 31 & April 1 – David Owens speaker, Ione & Meri Jo attended.

2.      Pet Clinic - April 25th, 2010, old city hall, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

3.      Clean Up Week-end – April 24th and 25th. Alternate week-end May 1 & 2.

4.      Elected Officials Workshop – Pierre – April 24th.   Rikka Bechtel will attend, the rest of the Council will decide by the 19th. 



Being no further business the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 6:32 p.m.





(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer