New Underwood, South Dakota

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Minutes September 15, 2020


A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center on September 15, 2020. Present were: Mayor Teresa Gossard (by telephone) Councilmembers: Larry Graham, Tera Hockenbary, Tara Richter and Kathy Trullinger. Also present: Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer, Public Works Director Tim Hall and Ronnie Racicky. The meeting was called to order by Council President Graham with the Pledge of Allegiance following.


Motion by K. Trullinger second by Richter to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Moved by Hockenbary second by K. Trullinger to approve the September 2, 2020 minutes with the following corrections: E-PAY OPTIONS - yearly fee of $88.50. Aye: all. Motion carried.


The Director of Public Works reported the following:

The meter that they were having trouble with during the last meeting which prevented him from attending was successfully repaired the next day. In the future it will be the responsibility of the property owner to pull the meters up from the pits and lower them. It is stated in the Ordinance that property owners must provide access to the meters.
They plan to flush hydrants next week. City Hall will send out a Code Red Alert when they are informed that this project is ready to be started as it can cause water discoloration.
The water storage tank building overhead door still needs some repairs done to it. When this is complete the majority of the equipment that is outside will be stored inside this building.
A 2011 pick-up was purchased. It has 38,000 miles on it, a plow and a utility box. It was purchased for under the amount budgeted and will need to have running boards installed.

The Mayor and Council would like to thank First Interstate Bank for the two grants and the great job that was done at City Hall on the front deck and the Food Pantry. It is much appreciated.


Motion by Richter seconded by Hockenbary to move the November 3, 2020 meeting to City Hall as that is Election Day at the Community Center. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Hockenbary second by Richter to approve Special License #20-14 for the Corner Bar on November 27, 2020 for a Dance at the Community Center. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Richter seconded by K. Trullinger to approve the first reading of Ordinance #20-06 to cover the expenses for the additional asphalt required this year. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Governmental fund sheets were presented.
A few members of the Council, Mayor Gossard and the Director of Public Works will participate in the Homecoming Parade on September 25th, 2020.
Donations to the Food Pantry are welcome.
Being no further business Council President Graham adjourned the meeting at 6:12 p.m.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer