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Minutes June 1, 2021


A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall on June 1, 2021. Present were: Mayor Teresa Hall, Council members: Larry Graham, Tara Richter, Tera Hockenbary and Kathy Trullinger. Also present: Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Director, Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer, Director of Public Works Tim Hall, Sgt. Harkins, Jeff Jones, Jaedyn Finkbeiner and Joe Noble. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance following.


Motion by K. Trullinger second by Richter to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


Moved by Hockenbary second by K. Trullinger to approve the minutes for May 18, 2021 and May 26, 2021. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


The vouchers, bill-list, savings sheet, monthly revenues and savings sheets were presented. Motion by Richter seconded by Hockenbary to approve the financial reports and the following warrants. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.

May bills payable June 1, 2021


First Data (card fees) – 68.09; Salaries: Mayor – 411.75; Finance Office – 3130.24; Public Works – 4932.49; Cleaners – 177.30; Pool – 181.28; SDRS (retirement) - 1123.36; Aflac (insurance) - 114.66; HPSD (health ins.) – 2395.44; IRS-EFTPS (SS-FWT) – 2805.25; City of Rapid City (May dump fee) – 1736.37 ; WREA (May Service) – 1768.72; Fastenal (pipe clamps pool) – 5.11 ; USPS (box rent) - 122.00; Golden West (phone/internet) – 303.22; SD State Treasurer (Sales Tax) – 366.84; Pennington County Courant (publishing fees) – 170.20; Meri Jo Anderon (consulting fee) – 230.00; Mastercard (ink, shop supplies) – 365.12; Pool & Spa Center (pool chemicals) – 585.90; Dept. of Revenue ( ½ of malt beverage fee) - 450.00; City of Rapid City (remainder of April fees) - 684.99; Kieffer Sanitation (fee) - 5.00; Kieffer (May roll off) – 160.00; Crown Oil Co. (gas & fuel)- 3933.10; Sam’s Club (Kindergarten Celebration cake, msg pads) - 58.62; Shawn Huss ( life guard recertification) - 420.00; Black Hills Chemical (liners for CC) – 33.49; Menards (misc. shop tools) – 253.97; SDPAA (insurance) - 11663.87; MG Oil (hydro fluid) – 718.79; Northwest Pipe Fittings (Pool shower repair) – 52.72; Grimm’s Pump (graphite) - 35.07; Sanitation Products (cover gasket/element filter) - 196.86; Coca-Cola (pool) - 607.00; A-1 Mechanical (pool solar system) – 231.50; SD One Call (fee) – 11.55; NAPA (fuel pump) – 65.07 TOTAL: $40574.94


71 Construction (EZ Bulk) – 5286.40; Lee Phillips (hauling) - 1661.00; Inland Truck Parts & Service (chip spreader repair) – 837.01; Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, LLC (water/sewer study) – 6732.00 TOTAL: $14516.41


David Bauer (refund of meter deposit) - 79.70; Trevor Anderson (refund of meter deposit) - 58.40 TOTAL: $138.10


WREA (May Service) – 1050.89; WRT (Base treatment) – 2314.13; Omni Site (alarm) – 25.00; Hawkins, Inc.(chemicals) – 764.44 TOTAL: $4154.46


WREA (May service) – 114.91; Continental Research Co. (Bacto Dose)- 550.44; Core & Main (sewer covers/Cecilia lane) – 1092.85; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm) – 25.00; R&R Trenching (sewer main installation/Cecilia Lane) – 4900.00 TOTAL: $6683.20


They will start patching with the EZ Street this week.
There is a person interested in hauling the refrigerators at the dump away for the City.
Hermosa has called Mr. Hall with questions concerning our Radium Removal plant as they are considering their options.


All lifeguards that needed recertification passed the course. If anyone is interested in applying, please do as they are short one lifeguard.
Today was a very busy first day.
Swimming lessons are planned for June 14-19, 2021 for evenings and July 12-17, 2021 for mornings the cost will be $20.00 per person.
As of now there are no restrictions on the number of people allowed at the pool.
The pool is open Monday through Saturday from noon until 6 p.m.


Deputy Jones reviewed his monthly report for the Mayor and Council.
He again wants to remind people to keep their dogs on a leash or otherwise under control, not running loose.
There have been some instances where people have not reported incidents that occur in a timely manner. Please don’t wait until you see him to report something, if you see it happen or find that it has happened, call it in. If he is off duty when something happens, he will see the report when he comes on duty.


A letter was sent to a resident concerning their dog’s constant barking.


Joe Noble an engineer with AE2S went over the water and sewer report with the Mayor and Council. He explained this is just the first draft of the report as he needs to make sure everyone is on the same page as to what is expected for the scope of the project.

A lengthy conversation covered many potential solutions to meet the challenges of an aging system included the pros and cons of doing a rehab on Well #1 which is over 70 years old, digging a new well by Well #1 or farther north of Well #2 for the elevation. The options of piping the water from either new well to the current radium removal plant or getting an additional treatment plant.

Our current storage tank should be 252,000 gallons to meet the Ten State Standards for domestic demands and for fire flow demands. Ours is currently 238,000 gallons. In order to plan for a population increase, the current report recommends a tank that would hold 268,700 gallons.

Mr. Noble will get together with Mr. Hall to go over some of the many options available and the different pump sizes that would be required for different solutions for potential water pressure issues if the City were to supply water to the proposed and future developments. He will outline the different options and give estimates as to the cost of each in the report. Mr. Noble stated he would recommend getting pumps instead of letting the developer install cisterns at each residence as that can create many problems for the future residents such as them not knowing about having a cistern when they buy the property or them not realizing that repairs to the cisterns would be their responsibility.

There was talk of the possible availability of various grants etc. from the State. Meri Jo pointed out that if the City were to apply for grants the service rates would need to be raised to the state rates which would at least double the current rates if not more.

It was brought up that the lagoon gets storm water infiltration but is otherwise in good shape. There are a couple of options for repairing the sewer lines that would prevent having to tear up the roads in town. A solid pipe slightly smaller than the existing line does decrease the size of the sewer line some is one option. Another is to use a technique of gluing a balloon type material to the inside, this option would very minimally decrease the size of the line. Councilor Graham said he had been in Custer to see this done to their system and it was very interesting. Cameras can be run through the lines showing what repairs are needed to the lines.

The Council stated they are aware that the City’s water and sewer systems both need some improvements and this study will help them determine the priority of each.

Mr. Noble believes the report will be finished by early July, 2021.


Larry Graham did the inspection for the mobile home to be moved onto the lot at 203 S. C Ave. for Michelle Antone. It was in satisfactory condition and the owner assured him that any defects would be repaired when moved in. Motion by Graham seconded by Hockenbary to approve Building Permit #21-15 for Michelle Antone to move a 16’ x 80’ mobile home onto the lot at 203 S. C Ave. as it passed inspection and Building Permit #21-16 for Patricia Cramer to build a fence at 112 S. C Ave. with the permission of the park owner as it will meet setbacks. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


Moved by Graham seconded by Richter to table the discussion of the water rates until they have a more detailed plan of what to expect from the study. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


Mayor Hall reviewed Ordinance #21-04 with the Council, it is a temporary Ordinance regarding the issuance of local cannabis permits and or licenses. She explained that it would buy the City some time to learn what the State regulations will be. Motion by K. Trullinger seconded by Richter to approve the first reading of Ordinance # 21-04. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


Motion by Richter seconded by Graham to donate $1,000.00 to the New Underwood School as the library is for the whole community. Aye: all. Nay: none. Motion carried.


The November 2, 2021 Council meeting will be held at City Hall as there is to be an election held at the Community Center.
Please mow yards or the City will do it for a fee.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Kristi Pritzkau, Finance Officer