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Minutes February 3, 2010

                              MINUTES OF THE



A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center on February 3, 2010.  Present were: Mayor Benita R. White, Councilmember’s: Jackie Dahlquist, Michael Green, John Torrey, and Jack Trullinger.   Also present: Dir. Public Works Greg Hall, Finance Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Cris & Summer Allen, Diane Trullinger, Larry Gossard, Paul Gnirk, Deputy Rick McPherson, and Matt Telbert. 



Moved by Green second by Dahlquist to approve the agenda.  Aye: all. Motion




Moved by Trullinger second by Dahlquist to approve the January 20, 2010 minutes as presented.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILL LIST                                                                                  

The financial reports, bill-list and vouchers were presented.  Motion by Trullinger second Torrey to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

January bills payable February 3, 2010

GENERAL FUND                                                                                        

Salaries – 606.43; Wellmark (ins.) 508.33; Merchant Bank (visa charges) – 38.61; FIB (checks) – 81.25; SD Unemployment Ins. (4th qtr) – 50.92; Gregory A Hall (health ins. Deductible) – 750.00;  FIB ( SS, FWT) – 100.47; WREA (Service) – 1618.79; Golden West Service) – 290.94; SD State Treasurer  ( Sales Tax) – 283.58; RC Landfill (Dump Fees) – 1632.40; ELAN (auto supplies, CC supplies; GT parts) – 841.61; NU Post (publishing) – 154.77; Steve’s (fuel) – 271.93; Penn. Co. Hwy. (fuel) 646.42; Kristi Lemke (clean CC) – 130.00; City of Rapid City (hauling permit) – 5.00; Penn. Co. Sheriff (1st qtr) – 9453.50.  TOTAL: $17464.95.


FIB (loan payment PWB) – 1878.44.  TOTAL:  $1878.44

WATER FUND                                                                                             

Salaries – 3644.96; FIB (SS & FWT) – 1054.86; SD Retirement (Jan)  – 532.30; WREA (Service) – 613.14; Omni-site (alarms) – 23.00; Cetec Engineering (radium project) – 2575.80; BH Agency (Builders risk ins) – 418.00; WREA (water storage payment) – 26400.00; Energy Labs (tests) – 210.00; Alltell (service) – 111.90; Midcontinent (tests) – 51.00.  TOTAL: $35634.96.


FIB (checks) – 19.20; BH Council (adm. Fee) – 5625.00; Seco Construction (Building) – 24907.50.  TOTAL: $30551.70.


Dennis Jensen (refund) 50.00; Michael Koffler (refund) – 50.00. TOTAL: $100.00


Salaries – 3520.05; FIB (SS & FWT) – 1095.42; SD Retirement (Jan)  – 539.60; WREA (service) – 71.20; Wellmark (ins) – 1524.99; FIB (4th qtr FWT) – 40.00; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm)  – 23.00; Elan (stamps) – 48.03; One Call Systems (locate tickets) – 19.80. TOTAL: $6882.09.



The Dir. of Public Works reported they are tearing down the old City Hall and are salvaging what they can.  When they are finished the City Council will surplus these items and sit as a board of appraisal. 



Deputy McPherson presented his written monthly report. 

The alcohol awareness program with Douglas & New Underwood freshman will be held May 10th.  New Underwood will have 27 freshmen there.  He again encouraged the Council to attend this program.

He requested the City donate to the $500.00 scholarship program for the New Underwood Seniors.  Motion by Dahlquist second by Torrey to donate $200.00 for this program.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The Mayor reported the City Staff had met with the Engineer and two representatives from WRT for a preconstruction meeting on February 2, 2010.  They plan on having the equipment delivered between April 5-9.  Also a progress meeting was held with Seco Construction that same day.  Seco will coordinate with WRT with the delivery of the equipment.  The Dir. of Public Works has one week to hoop up the plumbing to the new equipment, then WRT comes in and does the rest of the set up. We hope to have the treatment on line May 1st.  Questions from the audience were addressed on the filter, treatment, and testing. The Mayor will continue to keep the Council and public updated on the progress of this project.



Motion by Torrey second by Dahlquist to appoint Leroy Rankin as an alternate on the Election Board.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The Dir. of Public Works revisited the new tires for the grader in the amount of $1,761.80.  This price is a good price off of the state bid.  He explained that the present tires are weather checked, non-directional tires, and too round to get good traction.  He feels without new tires the grader is useless.  Moved by Dahlquist second by Torrey to approve this purchase.  Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, and Torrey.  Nay: Trullinger.  Motion carried.  Councilman Trullinger felt this purchase could wait.  



The Black Hills Finance Officer’s Association is again sponsoring a winter speaker,   David Owens, President of the SD Chamber of Commerce.  There are two dates you can attend, March 31 and April 1.  Everyone is welcome to attend, the City staff & Council are encouraged to attend.  The fee is $50.00 for small Cities and $500.00 for large Cities.  Motion by Trullinger second by Green to approve this fee.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.








A promotion package for $149.00 to help support local achievers and athletes in the New Underwood School System covering 10 events is being offered by the New Underwood Post.  Cris Allen said you can do the whole package or pick events.  After discussion it was moved by Trullinger second by Green to do the $149.00 package.  Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, and Trullinger.  Nay: Torrey.  Motion carried.   



Larry Gossard and Paul Gnirk, representing the Viewfield Water Association, spoke to the Council about the possibility of the City running a half mile of line for an interconnect between both water systems for emergency purposes. They would not cost share this half mile of line, since they would be putting in pressure reducers to accommodate this proposed joint venture.  They are working with their engineers now on design, since they have to get water to Engelhart this summer and the design will depend upon the City & Viewfield Systems agreeing to interconnect.  They requested the Council entertain the thought of helping each other. 



John Torrey requested the City vacate the section line on the east side of his property.  The Council felt a road could possibly go there in the future, but they have no problem with Mr. Torrey platting his line and dedicating this part of the section line as dedicated right-of-way, so he does not have to pay taxes on it any longer.



The Finance Officer reported that the Municipal League was requesting small City’s support of HB1198.  This sales tax is different from other sales tax, it is implemented at the local option through an election, since it has to specify the use of the tax, only for capital expenditures, the number of years it would be in effect and date it will end, it cannot stay on for any other projects only the one specified, it cannot be renewed or extended without voter approval.  This additional penny must always go to a vote of the people for approval, so it is up to each City whether they would want to use this revenue generating option or not.  Motion by Trullinger second by Dahlquist to offer support of HB1198 without any amendments.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, and Trullinger.  Nay:  Torrey.  Motion carried.


Other items discussed:

1.      The Finance Officer reported on the SDML Board Meeting & Legislative Day in Pierre.  She will type up the laws the league is working on.

2.      The roof on the water storage tank building will be fixed from the hail damage. The roof on the well house #2 is being repaired with the addition of the radium treatment bldg.

3.      SB78 – banking the CPI for three years.  It could be a start for tax reform.


Being no further business the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:07 p.m.





(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer