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Minutes January 4, 2012





A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center on January 4, 2012.  Present were: Mayor Jack Trullinger, Council member’s: Rikka Buchtel, Laurie Holloway, and Joe Whitney. Also present: Finance Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Dir. Of Public Works John Bale, Deputy McPherson,  Cris Allen, Jim & Kathy Harbert, Dianne Trullinger, Bob Hall, and Wes Flint. Arriving later: Dena Whitney, Sheila White, and Doug Gimpel. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Trullinger.



Motion by Whitney second by Holloway to approve the amended agenda.  Aye: all. Motion carried.



Moved by Buchtel second by Whitney to approve the December 21 minutes as presented with the following correction: $8,000.00 contingency transfer to solid waste.  Aye: all.  Motion carried. 


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILL LIST                                                                                   

The financial reports, bill-list and vouchers were presented.  Motion by Buchtel second by Whitney to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

December bills payable December 31, 2012

GENERAL FUND                                                                                        

Salaries - Council – 1268.06; Finance Officer – 4841.98; Public Works – 5912.45; Merchant Bank (visa charges) – 47.92; Bev Taylor (CC clean & supplies) – 120.00; Dakota Business Center (supplies) – 22.78; Sam’s Club (fuel, laptop, warranty, toner, relish tray) – 197.34; Wellmark – 1362.48; IRS – EFTPS (Dec) – 3069.02; SD Retirement (Dec) – 1502.44; WREA (Service) –1845.80; Golden West  (Service) –294.39; RC Landfill (dump fees) – 1945.23; SD State Treasurer  ( Sales Tax) – 271.35; Steve’s (fuel) – 434.54; NU Post (publishing) – 541.42; Penn. Co. Highway (fuel) – 170.58;  Ace Hardware (CC & shop) – 257.67; Johnson Machine ( filter & parts) – 37.08; Jenner (bobcat parts) – 174.27; Dakota Battery (battery) – 125.00; MARC (lubricant) – 128.04; Jolly Lane (funeral) – 55.12; Dianne Trullinger (cleaning) – 156.00; BH Agency (Ins.) – 7951.00; SD Public Assurance Alliance (auto & liability) – 6425.50; Dennis V. Johnson (geo repair) – 142.63; Pro Tech (settings) – 200.00; Kristi Lemke (cc) – 115.00.  TOTAL: $35623.21.

WATER FUND                                                                                             

Carole Boos (legal fees) – 150.00; WREA (Service) – 643.44; Hawkins (chemical & parts) – 601.02; Cetec (eng) – 250.00; WRT (monthly radium removal charge) – 1912.50; Omni Site (alarm) – 23.00;  City of Delmont (meters) -1970.95.  TOTAL: $5550.91


DENR (test) – 50.00; WREA (service) – 55.89; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm) – 23.00; AT & T - 110.21; HD Waterworks (pipe & couplings) – 97.20; Northwest Pipe (sewer saddle) – 29.42; Blue Booke (supplies) – 224.02.  TOTAL: $589.74




Mr. Bale reported a section of sewer main was cut out and replaced, since one of the consumers old service line was installed into the main incorrectly.  The Christmas lights will be taken down this week or next week, west water main is getting started, and the pump at the lift station may be under warranty.   



Deputy McPherson presented his written monthly report.  He also spoke about more parental involvement in the DARE and Tri County programs. Directly following the City Council meeting February 1st Deputy McPherson will give a presentation on the tri-county program and would encourage parents to attend.



The Mayor and Council went over the nuisance ordinance page by page with good audience participation.  The changes suggested will go to the attorney again for clarification and the first reading of the ordinance will be January 18th.



The Council added: the skirting would remain in place and maintained; and the Council reserves the right to inspect or see photographs of the transported home to be placed in the mobile home park to insure the condition.  First reading will be January 18, 2012.



Councilman Torrey gave his resignation to Mayor Trullinger on December 28th effective immediately.  Motion by Buchtel second by Whitney to accept this resignation.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Mayor Trullinger conducted the interview process for the vacancy with candidates Bob Hall and Sheila White.  The interviews were held with the same three questions asked of each candidate.  When the interviews concluded it was moved by Buchtel second by Whitney to go into executive session as per SDCL 1-25-2 sec. 1 at 6:59 p.m.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.  Motion by Buchtel second by Whitney to adjourn the executive session at 7:20 p.m. and return to regular session.

Councilman Whitney thanked the candidates and encouraged them to run for the Council at the next election.  Motion by Whitney second by Holloway to appoint Bob Hall for the ward 2 vacancy until the next election on April 10, 2012.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Buchtel, Holloway, and Whitney.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.  Whereupon Mayor Trullinger administered the oath of office to Councilman Hall.



Councilman Whitney will get a quote and information on the flooring.  The staff will get additional quotes also.



Mayor Trullinger appointed Council President Buchtel to head up a park committee and choose her own committee to make recommendations on the park improvements.





12-01; Saddle Tramps; January 14, 2012

12-02; American Legion; February 5, 2012

Motion by Whitney second by Buchtel to approve these spiking permits.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.


Other items discussed:

  1. Black Hills Mayors meeting January 26, 2012, the Council and the staff are invited to attend.
  2. The city inadvertently dug on private property when installing a water main and this has been turned over to the insurance company.
  3. Flashing light on corner of Hwy 1416 and 161st Ave. not working.  Deputy McPherson will call it in.  If the County ever removes this light the city will check on prices to purchase a light.


Being no further business Mayor Trullinger adjourned the meeting at 7:32 p.m.





(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


2011 Statement of Salaries for New Underwood, SD

Mayor - $6,000.00/yearly

Council - $50.00/meeting

Attorney - $100.00 - $125.00 hourly

Engineer - $75.00-$90.00 hourly

Deputy Sheriff - $38,897.00 yearly

Director of Public Works – $14.80 - $15.50 hourly

Maintenance Men - $12.33 – $12.89

Finance Officer - $16.79 - $16.99 hourly

Clerk - $9.82 - $10.00 hourly

Laborers - $7.25 - $10.00 hourly

Seasonal Workers – $7.25 – $14.99 hourly