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Minutes March 2, 2016



A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center on March 2, 2016. Present were: Mayor Jack Trullinger, Councilmembers: Larry Graham, Laurie Holloway, and Kathy Trullinger. Absent: Rikka Buchtel. Also present: Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer, Tim Hall, Dir. of Public Works, Deputy McPherson, Sgt. Harkins, and Dianne Trullinger.



Motion by Graham second by K. Trullinger to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Motion carried.



Moved by K. Trullinger second by L. Holloway to approve the February 17, 2016 minutes as presented.  Aye: all. Motion carried. 


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILL LIST                                                                                  

The financial reports, bill-list and vouchers were presented. Motion by Holloway second by Graham to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

February bills payable March 2, 2016

GENERAL FUND                                                                                                                

Salaries – Mayor & Council – 962.02; Merchant Bank (visa charges) – 68.35; C.O.R.E. (donation) – 200.00; Harland Clark (checks) – 153.13; IRS (SS & FWT) – 275.95; WREA (Service) – 1654.31; Golden West  (Service) – 290.49; RC Landfill (dump fees) – 1584.15; SD State Treasurer  (Sales Tax) – 296.24; NU Post (publishing) – 76.35; ATT (phone) – 120.44; BJ’s Country Store (tea) – 16.88; Summit Signs (Jake Brake sign) – 165.00; DSG (ballast) – 105.06; Menard’s (bulbs) – 29.66; Mastercard (CC; motel; postage) – 1261.84; Kieffer (roll off dump) – 160.00. TOTAL: $7419.87


Tim Hall (RMC Neurology Rehab. Reimburse) – 446.00

WATER FUND                                                                                                                     

WREA (Service) – 879.24; WRT (radium removal charge) – 2065.50; Hawkins (chemicals) – 1384.06; Merchant Capital Bank (backhoe payment) – 12138.39; Omni Site (alarm) – 25.00. TOTAL: $16492.19


Salaries - Finance Office – 3289.08; Public Works – 4055.82; Wellmark (health ins) – 1390.29; IRS (SS & FWT) – 2429.76; SD Retirement (Feb.) – 1020.48; WREA (service) – 86.19; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm) – 25.00.  TOTAL: $12296.62



The Finance Officer presented the 2015 annual report to the Council. Motion by Holloway second by Graham to approve the 2015 annual report, publish in the legal newspaper and forward it to the state Dept. of Legislative Audit.  Roll call vote. Aye:  Graham, Holloway, and K. Trullinger.  Nay: none.  Motion carried. (See below)



Motion by Graham second by Holloway to donate $100.00 to Post Prom. Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The Mayor and Director of Public Works went to Pierre to look at the two trucks that the Council was considering at the last meeting for the distributor. They recommended we purchase the older of the two that has less miles on it.  Motion by Graham second by Trullinger to approve the purchase of the 1987 GMC from Federal Surplus spending up to $4,800.00 for the truck and new tires.  Roll call vote.  Graham Holloway, and K. Trullinger.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.



The ADA inspection done by the Dept. of Justice on the Community Center and the deficiencies with the stripping’s, signage, and parking slopes and the insufficiencies at City Hall on the ramp slope and width, parking slopes, stripping’s and signage were discussed.  It was moved by Holloway second by K. Trullinger to pursue getting the signage and parking spots done this year at the Community Center and get cost estimates for the improvements at City Hall, which will probably have to happen in the 2017 budget, since this kind of expense is not in the current budget if the costs come in too high. Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The 2015 drinking water report was presented to the Council. All tests were within the acceptable standards.  A copy of the report is available on line at and also at City Hall.



BP#16-03; Travis Madsen; 711 S. “A” Ave; Bldg. & remove bldg..

                                            719 S. “A” Ave.; 16 temporary bins & variance

                                            702 S. “A” Ave.; 2 bins

Motion by Graham second by Holloway to approve this permit. Aye: all.  Motion carried.

BP#16-04; Laurie Holloway; 513 S. “B” Ave; remove shed

Moved by K. Trullinger second by Graham to approve this permit. Aye: all.  Motion carried.



  1. The Finance Officer presented the governmental fund sheets.

  2. The Finance Officer gave an update on the 2015 legislation to date. She will be in Pierre Monday AM to testify again for HB1116.

  3. The SDML district meeting is in Hill City on March 23, 2016. The Mayor and four of the Council will attend with their spouses.

  4. Public Works has been working on the drainage in front of City Hall where the water has pooled in the past.

  5. Deputy McPherson presented his written monthly report.


    Being no further business Mayor Trullinger adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m.



    (Seal) Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer