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Minutes February 6, 2008




A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held on February 6, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center.  Present were: Mayor Benita White, Councilmembers: Jackie Dahlquist, Michael Green, Tyler Richter, and John Torrey.  Also present:  Fin. Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Dir. of Public Works Greg Hall, Officers Johnstone & McPherson, Lt. Brubakken, Chad Feldman, Cris Allen, Linda Foster, Brian Johnson, Teresa Gossard, Dean Hackens, Jon Madsen, Tom Watson, Ronda Raff, and Wes Flint.        



Moved by Green second by Dahlquist to approve the amended agenda.  Aye: all. Motion carried.



Moved by Dahlquist second by Richter to approve the January 16,  2008 minutes as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.   


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILLIST                                                                                  

The Finance Officer presented the financial reports, bill-list and vouchers.  Motion by Richter second by Torrey to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

January bills payable February 6, 2008

GENERAL FUND                                                                                        

Salaries – 4227.79; SD Unemployment Ins. (4th qtr) – 10.56; Kristi Lemke (CC cleaning) – 56.00; Western Dakota Builders (Public Works Bldg) – 55268.82; First Western Bank ( SS & FWT) – 1131.04; SD Retirement (Jan.) – 597.45; WREA ( Service) – 1243.11;  Golden West ( Service) – 224.64; SD State Treasurer ( Sales Tax) – 227.88; RC Landfill ( Dump Fees) – 1623.33; Dakota Care (Insurance) – 1980.62; Penn. Co. Hwy Dept. (Fuel Usage) – 280.46; ELAN (Parts, Welder, Supplies)  – 1612.26; New Underwood Post ( Publishing) – 125.41; Steve’s (Fuel) – 293.36; Penn. Co. Sheriff’s Dept (1st qtr) – 9059.75; SD Federal Property (shop & office supplies) – 128.80;  Avenet (Web Site Contract) – 336.00; Great Western Tire (GT tires) – 1046.60; Wall Clinic (Hibititus shot) – 45.00; Sabrina Schmidt (CC cleaning) – 40.00.  TOTAL: $79558.88.

WATER FUND                                                                                             

Salaries – 3802.12; First Western Bank (SS, FWT) – 1049.61; SD Retirement (Jan.) – 611.30; WREA (Service) – 770.80; Racicky Plumbing (parts) – 27.41; Energy Laboratories (Rad Test) – 200.00; Midcontinent (water tests) – 273.00; Omni-site (alarms) – 40.00; WREA (payment water storage) - 26400.00.  TOTAL: $33134.24. 

SEWER FUND                                                                                             

Salaries – 4035.65; First Western Bank (SS, FWT) – 1071.45; SD Retirement (Jan.) – 637.86; WREA (Service) – 35.65; Steve’s (fuel) – 59.17; Alltel (service) – 115.17.  TOTAL: $5954.95.



The Black Hills Finance Officer’s Association in conjunction with the Rapid City Area School District, the BH Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management, is holding a motivational seminar in March for all employees and elected officials.  Motion by Richter second by Green to contribute $50.00 to sponsor this speaker.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Councilor Dahlquist and the Finance Officer attended the meetings in Pierre on Tuesday & Wednesday this week.  Councilor Dahlquist reported that the Municipal League Executive Board, of which she is a Board member, was very informative and they were updated on all the municipal issues before the legislature this session.  The visits with the legislators and other area representatives was helpful to the City.  She also reported on the Committee meetings they attended on Wednesday and stated the outcomes.



The Dir. of Public Works informed the Council that the water storage tank will need to be cleaned this year.  Quotes from dive teams who do this service will be obtained.  It was done by the public works staff  the last time, but water to the City must be shut down, so time is of the essence.



Lt. Brubakken presented the written monthly report. He stated that Officer Rich McPherson would start transitioning into New Underwood February 12, 2008 and Officer Johnstone will transition out.



Mayor White suggested the following proposal to the Engelhart Association for them to hook on to the City’s municipal water system:  Engelhart pay all costs associated with laying the line to their property, install a master meter, pay the minimum rate per home plus the rate per thousand over the minimum at the rural rate; that each home be charged the rural impact fees and availability fees; they sign an agreement that they will not fight annexation, if they ever become contiguous to the City Limits; that they sign the rural water agreement that states that they understand that in the case of a shortage of water they will be shut off.  A lengthy discussion then ensued with good audience participation.  Engelharts premise is that they will be helping the City with additional revenue, the Council argued that they must protect the tax paying citizens of New Underwood who paid the infrastructure of the water system in the first place.  Councilman Richter made a motion that the Engelhart representatives take the Mayor’s proposal back to their association with the availability fees waived.  This motion died for lack of a second.  Substitute motion by Richter was the Engelhart representatives take the Mayor’s entire  proposal back to their association for consideration, second by Green.  Aye:  Green & Richter.  Nay:  Dahlquist & Torrey.  The Mayor broke the tie by voting aye.  Motion carried.



08-01; Teresa Gossard; February 23, 2008

08-02; Teresa Gossard; March 23, 2008

Motion by Green second by Richter to approve these permits.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Tom Watson spoke to the Council about the condition of Wood Ave.  The Council explained that this street is not on the system, since it was never brought up to code to be accepted on the system.  Mr. Watson explained that the street was never annexed, just the properties were.  Discussion on special assessments and how to get the street on the system followed.  Research on costs and possible agreements with previous owners will be conducted.


The Council took a recess at 8:40 p.m. and reconvened at 8:45 p.m.



The Council went over the employee handbook and made changes.  These changes will be inserted or deleted and the handbook will be considered at the next meeting.



Treating the water for removal of radium was discussed again as a viable option.  Resolution Number 08-01 was introduced.




WHEREAS the City of New Underwood has deemed it necessary to find viable solutions to deal with the borderline radiological readings on Well #2 in the past few years, and


WHEREAS in order to proceed with possible solutions the City must first get on the State Water Facilities Plan, and


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the New Underwood City Council that the Mayor and/or Finance Officer, be designated to sign any and all documents necessary and to perform any additional tasks necessary to secure our water treatment project a position on the State Water Facilities Plan.  .


Dated this 6th day of February, 2008



(seal)                                                                                        Benita R. White, Mayor



Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


Moved by Green second by Torrey to approve resolution number 08-01.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, Richter, and Torrey.  Motion carried.

The Dir. of Public Works will continue to get information on this option. 

The information has been forwarded to Sixth District to get on the state water facilities plan. 



Councilor Torrey made a motion that the city not use the snow plow on the road east of Sunny Haven, since it is not on the system and there is a big liability problem there.  This motion died for lack of a second.  The Council did agree that a stop sign could be put up by the ballfield to see if this helps.



The following resolution was introduced. 




WHEREAS the City of New Underwood recognizes the importance of the judiciary to the citizens of South Dakota and particularly the ability of the citizens to obtain access to the courts, and


WHEREAS only one Circuit Court Judge has been added to the Seventh Circuit since the creation of the Unified Judicial System in 1975, and the need to update and adopt a full and complete Personnel Policy Manual and a Safety & Risk Management Manual for the effective and efficient running of the City has been determined as a priority, and


WHEREAS the City of New Underwood recognized the need for additional Circuit Court Judges in the Seventh Judicial Circuit as shown by the statistics maintained by the Unified Judicial System, and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED,  that the Common Council in and for the City of New Underwood supports the addition of a Circuit Court Judge to the Seventh Judicial Circuit to insure the continued efficient administration of justice for all citizens, and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE Common Council of the City of New Underwood that the City of New Underwood encourages the South Dakota House and Senate to use all available means to provide the resources necessary to add an additional Circuit Judge in the Seventh Circuit



Dated February 6, 2008



                                                                                Benita R. White, Mayor


Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


Motion by Richter second by Dahlquist to accept Resolution Number 08-02.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, Richter, and Torrey.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.



Discussion followed on if the public work shop should be completed at this time or wait until more funds are available.  To complete fully the electrical, ceiling, heaters, concrete, and office need to go to bid.  The estimated cost to do the rest of the work is $44,000.00.  The Mayor asked that the Council consider that the monies involved may be needed elsewhere.


Whereupon Resolution Number 08-03 was introduced.





WHEREAS  it has been determined by the New Underwood City Council that there is a need for a new public works shop, and


WHERAS  South Dakota Codified law 9-25-12, 9-25-13, & 9-21-18.1 grants municipalities the power to borrow money and sets out the proper procedure to follow, and


WHEREAS the City did not borrow the money allowed for in Resolution Number 07-06 for the new City Hall (Kids Kastle), since they paid cash instead, and


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the New Underwood City Council authorizes the Mayor and Finance Officer’s signatures on the loan papers to First Western bank in an amount not to exceed $99,000.00 (ninety-nine thousand dollars) at a rate not to exceed 5.75%  interest payable in monthly payments over seven years.  That this money be used to pay for the new public works building located at 505 S. “A” Avenue New Underwood, South Dakota, and more particularly described as follows:


Lots 3,4,5,6 Block 5 Original Town of Section 31 in Township 2 North of Range 11 East of the Black Hills Meridian in the City of New Underwood, Pennington County, South Dakota.



Dated this 6th day of February, 2008


(seal)                                                                                                 Benita R.White, Mayor


Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


Moved by Richter second by Green to approve Resolution Number 08-03. Roll call vote. Aye:  Dahlquist, Green, and Richter.   Nay:  Torrey.  Motion carried.

Councilor Torrey felt the monies are needed for other projects.  The rest of the Council felt that since cost continue to spiral they wanted a completed building not a half done one sitting there. 




  1. Mayor White reported on the talk she had with Mayor Dial form Box Elder on the transload facility and the route they plan to use.            
  2. The ambulance started transporting on February 5, 2008. 
  3. Putting land covenants on the building permit is an option that is possible, but the Council was not in favor of.


Being no further business the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 9:18 p.m.



(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer