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Minutes of January 18, 2012





A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center on January 18, 2012.  Present were: Mayor Jack Trullinger, Council member’s: Rikka Buchtel, Bob Hall, Laurie Holloway, and Joe Whitney. Also present: Finance Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Dir. Of Public Works John Bale, Cris Allen, Jim  Harbert, Dianne Trullinger, Travis & Naomi Lassiter, Craig Moshier, and Sheila White. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Trullinger.



Motion by Whitney second by Holloway to approve the agenda.  Aye: all. Motion carried.



Moved by Holloway second by Hall to approve the January 4 and January 10, 2012 minutes as presented.  Aye: all.  Motion carried. 



Mr. Bale reported the lift station pump that went down is still at the dealers; Lake Andes has picked up the sewer jetter; sewer main on “C” Ave. unplugged.   



The Mayor and Council went over the fireworks and appeal process sections of the proposed nuisance ordinance, hopefully it will be ready for the first reading Feb. 1.



Ordinance Number 12-2 received its first reading.  This amendment added: the skirting would remain in place and maintained; and the Council reserves the right to inspect or see photographs of the transported home to be placed in the mobile home park to ensure the condition. Motion by Buchtel second by Whitney to approve the first reading.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



The 200 garbage totes have been picked up from the base and the council discussed where to remove dumpsters and replace with totes.  Moved by Buchtel second by Whitney to place the totes at residences throughout the city and remove the dumpsters on the streets, leaving dumpsters for businesses and mobile home parks.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.  These totes are too large for the garbage truck, so a notice will be places on the totes requesting consumers not fill them more than 2/3’s full.



The Council asked the Mayor to contact the Matz estate and request a utility easement to continue west to 160th.



Quotes are being obtained on the flooring for the Community Center. School Specialty’s will be down tomorrow to evaluate the floor and prepare a quote. 



A citizen had received a letter from the city to abate the nuisance of a pit bull, which are against the city ordinance.  The citizen contacted the city and ask to be heard by appeal.  Craig Moshier presented his case to the Council.  The Council thanked him for his time and attendance, but explained with regret, that they must uphold their ordinance, upon advice from the city attorney of the liability of allowing pit bulls and wolf hybrids in the city limits.  Motion by Whitney second by Holloway to give Mr. Moshier an additional 10 days to remove the animal from the city limits provided the animal is kenneled and leashed during these 10 days.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Resolution Number 12-01 was introduced. 




WHEREAS the Good Samaritan Nursing Home is a very important part of the City of New Underwood, and


WHEREAS the City of New Underwood recognizes the need to have a fresh water supply furnished to the residents and staff of the Good Samaritan Center, and


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in the event of the loss of the City’s main water supply, the person in charge (at the time) at the New Underwood Good Samaritan Center will call the personnel at the City of New Underwood to make arrangements for the delivery of “potable” water to the Center.  Whereupon the City of New Underwood will make every reasonable effort to supply potable water to the Good Samaritan Center.

City Hall – 754-6777; Public Works – 685-9361

(Example: When the City’s wells were not operating in May of 1997, the Center was able to have water delivered by the South Dakota National Guard. These arrangements were made through the City of New Underwood.)


Dated January 18, 2012                     


(seal)                                                                                 Jack W. Trullinger, Mayor



Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer


Moved by Buchtel second by Hall to accept resolution number 12-01. Roll call vote.  Aye:  Buchtel, Hall, Holloway, and Whitney.  Nay: none.  Motion carried. 



12-03; Tyler Phillips; January 21, 2012

Motion by Whitney second by Holloway to approve this spiking permit.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.


Other items discussed:

  1. Black Hills Mayors meeting January 26, 2012, the Council and the staff are invited to attend, currently the finance officer will be attending.
  2. The notice of vacancy for municipal & school election presented, circulation of petitions can begin January 27, 2012.
  3. 2012 Municipal government day at the legislature & the rib dinner is February 7 & 8 in Pierre.  The finance officer & Councilors Buchtel & Holloway plan on attending.  As a trustee with the executive board the finance officer also has a board meeting in Pierre that day.
  4. Park improvement tabled.


Being no further business Mayor Trullinger adjourned the meeting at 6:50 p.m.





(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer