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Minutes July 7, 2010

                                                        MINUTES OF THE



A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Center on July 7, 2010.  Present were: Mayor Benita R. White, Councilmember’s: Rikka Buchtel, Michael Green, and Joe Whitney.  Absent: Dahlquist.   Also present and late arrivals were: Public Works Supervisor John Bale, Finance Officer Meri Jo Anderson,  Cris Allen, Wes Flint, John Torrey, Ron Racicky, Wyatt Volmer, Stephanie Deering, and Tammy Hall.



Moved by Green second by Whitney to approve the agenda.  Aye: all. Motion




Moved by Whitney second by Buchtel to approve the June 23, 2010 as presented.  Aye: all.  Motion carried. It was brought to the Council’s attention that Resolution Number 10-03 was left out of the June 23 minutes.  Motion by Buchtel second by Whitney to amend the June 23 minutes to include the Resolution Number 10-3.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.




WHEREAS, the City of New Underwood has now installed the radiological removal plant, and


WHEREAS, a fee for the media to remove the radiological material is charged monthly, per each one thousand gallons to the City as per the Contract with WRT, and


WHEREAS, this fee must be passed onto the water consumers at a rate of $1.50 per thousand, and


WHEREAS, this fee shall take effect when the new books come out in September payable the beginning of October, and


WHEREAS, the City of New Underwood presently has ordinances which govern the operation of the municipally owned enterprise funds and these ordinance provide for changes by resolution as may be necessary, as determined by the Council, and


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following additional charges will be imposed on the water rates effective October, 2010:


Water treatment:  $1.50 per thousand gallons used


Dated June 23, 2010



Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer                                  Benita R. White, Mayor


Moved by Dahlquist second by Buchtel to accept resolution number 10-03.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Buchtel, Dahlquist, and Whitney.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.


Mayor White reported interviews were held on Monday and Tuesday and introduced John Bale as the new public works supervisor.  He will be taking over the public works department when Greg Hall retires May 1, 2011.  Everyone welcomed Mr. Bale. 


FINANCIAL REPORT & BILL LIST                                                                                   

The financial reports, bill-list and vouchers were presented.  Motion by Green second Whitney to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.  

June bills payable July 7, 2010

GENERAL FUND                                                                                        

Salaries – 8383.80; Wellmark (ins.) 488.18; Merchant Bank (visa charges) – 12.95; Dept. of Revenue (malt bev. Lic.) – 300.00; Elan (mower parts, generator, sprayer, Kindergarten celebration, SP) – 1274.83; Sam’s Club (membership renewal & SP supplies) – 665.53; WDT (2 CDL’s) – 169.60; IRS – EFTPS (June) - 1974.83; Sam’s Club (SP) – 359.98; SD Retirement (June) – 458.28; WREA (Service) – 1338.85; Golden West Service) – 381.23; SD State Treasurer  ( Sales Tax) – 267.45; RC Landfill (Dump Fees) – 2564.43; ELAN (supplies, motel, stain, sprayer, mower parts, weed eater,  postage)  – 3014.59; NU Post (publishing) – 125.10; Penn. Co. Highway (fuel) – 390.99;  Steve’s (fuel) – 582.78; GLM Enterprises (culverts) – 51.16; Arnold Pool Co. (chemicals & pool supplies) – 1314.61; Pool & Spa Center (face plate & supplies) – 712.77; Coca Cola Bottling (SP) – 334.00; SD Unemployment Ins (2nd qtr) – 303.76; SD Fed. Prop. Agency (weed eater) – 20.00;  Kristi Lemke (clean CC & supplies) – 80.00; Dianne Trullinger (2nd qtr) – 156.00; Ione Wolf (mileage for training) – 287.68; Armstrong Extinguisher (service) – 213.00.  TOTAL: $26226.38.


Mike Holloway (2-wheel trailer) – 150.00; FIB (loan payment PWB) – 1878.44; Pete Lien & Sons (gravel) – 77.04.  TOTAL:  $2105.48

WATER FUND                                                                                             

WREA (Service) – 558.79; Elan (pipe) – 27.98; Wellmark (health insurance) – 1464.54; Hawkins (chemicals) – 1279.70; Omni-site (alarms) – 23.00; DENR (drinking water fee) – 220.00; Alltel (service) – 111.33; Whisler Bearing (belt) – 4.91; Water Remediation Tech (May & June) – 3393.16; Dakota Pump & Control (radio work) – 2561.46.  TOTAL: $9644.87


WRT (start up removal plant) – 19130.00; First Interstate Bank (wire transfer charge) – 10.00; SECO (Bldg material, earthwork, change order #3) – 16350.30; BH Council (administrative fees – final) 1875.00.  TOTAL: $37365.30


Salaries – 4478.87; FIB (SS & FWT) – 1204.82; SD Retirement (June)  – 497.13; WREA (service) – 140.98; Omni-Site, Inc. (alarm)  – 23.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings (sewer pipe & cap) – 207.51. TOTAL: $6552.31



Public Works Supervisor John Bale reported the street repairs are finished on Janklow; patching Madison, mowing, working on the L by the School, mosquitoes were sprayed by Mr. Hall on Sunday, and they plan on chip sealing all the streets this year.  When chip seal is completed the council would like the ditches cleaned out and get good drainage going.



The aquatic director reported the swimming pool is staying busy, with good attendance.  The pump went down, but they got it working now with a fan on it.  Another pump was ordered and is on hand for when the old one finally gives out.  The Council wants to get the donation box up.  Swim lessons this session has 35 students.    



Spiking Permit #10-06; Ron Racicky; August 21, 2010

                    SP#10-07; Stephanie Deering; August 7, 2010

                    SP#10-08; Tammy Hall; July 16, 2010

Since Tammy Hall wasn’t present yet, Meri Jo Anderson said just switch #10-08 to her name, but Tammy Hall arrived at 6:30 p.m.  Motion by Whitney second by Buchtel to approve the above spiking permits 6-8.  Aye: all.  Motion carried.



Draw down request:  Seco - $13,013.46.  Motion by Green second by Whitney to approve this request.  Roll call vote.  Aye:  Buchtel, Green, and Whitney. Nay: none.  Motion carried.

The resolution that was approved last meeting with the additional $1.50 per thousand charge is to pay the cost the City must pay to WRT monthly for the media to remove the radium from the water, this charge started being billed to the City the middle of May.



Ordinance number 10-02 received its first reading again.  This amends the rural water ordinance to allow the City, at the Council’s option, to cost share water projects with other taxing entities only.  Moved by Green second by Buchtel to approve the first reading of ordinance number 10-02.  Aye:  all.  Motion carried.



Getting a secondary line from well # 2 into the main part of the City has now been accepted on the State water plan by DENR.  The city will apply for a $141,350.00 consolidated grant and $141,350.00 SRF loan at the October deadline, with funds awarded in January.  The Finance Officer explained that if we do not get the grant, then we may have to do the project in phases.


Other items discussed:

1.      Letter from SD Legislative Audit approves Casey Peterson and Associates if SD Legislative Audit does not do the audit themselves.  The Finance Officer explained that it would be better for us if Legislative Audit did our audit, since they charge less. 

2.      The Council did not see the necessity to make an ordinance banning horses within the City limits.

3.      Public Works will adjust the price on the water salesman to take care of the addition $1.50 per thousand gallon charge for radium removal on the watersalesman.  Not cost effective to get a new coin machine, since only sold $145.00 of water through the salesman in the last 6 months.

4.      Street signs need to be put up on all streets, public works will get the signs ordered.

5.      Ron Racicky thanked the citizens for the clean up they did during the 4th of July celebration.


Being no further business the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 6:40 p.m.





(Seal)  Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer