New Underwood, South Dakota

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Snow and Ice Control Policy







It is the policy of the City of New Underwood to initiate snow removal operations to maintain traffic as long as visibility is above minimum and weather conditions are such that plowing can be done safely and effectively.


The Director of Public Works, or his assignee, has the responsibility for initiating all snow removal actions using his best judgment and considering all prevailing weather conditions, amount of snow fall, and type of snow fall.  He will also commence operations in emergency or extreme conditions.


The general practice will be as follows:  When snow fall is at least two (2) inches all roads and sidewalks in priority route schedule will be followed.  At this time plowing or sanding may commence before, during, and after normal working hours as well as weekends and holidays.  Deviations will occur.  For example, storm severity may preclude all snow removal operations or seriously impede response or an emergency may require a different allocation of resources.


1.      Sidewalks in Central Business District

2.      “A” Ave and parking areas in Central Business District and Fire Hall concrete

3.      Ash Street from “A” Avenue east to the school then all of Madison to Hwy 1416 and the L; being Bailey Street and Linn Street, west and north of the school.

4.      Parking lots at the school: east, west and south side

5.      Oak Street east from “A” Avenue to Monroe Street

6.      All other streets by efficiency routes as determined (someone has to be last)

NOTE:  Sanding and plowing of any streets may be stopped at any time to go back to higher priority streets to re-sand or plow, if conditions warrant.


If immediate need for Police, Fire and Rescue assistance, City personnel will leave the public right-of-way to respond.  Snow removal crews will provide necessary assistance such as opening a driveway or parking lot to give access to the emergency crews.  Isolated problem areas where traction is urgently needed before all other areas are handled.


Conditions may warrant the application of sand or salt or a mixture thereof.  Materials will be applied on “A” Avenue, Ash Street past the school and that portion of Madison Avenue compromising the L, and hills on “B” Avenue and south “C” Avenue.


City snow plows will not clear private driveways or private property, such as parking lot, except in an emergency as previously discussed.  Snow placed in a driveway or on sidewalks where the driveway or sidewalk meets the street by City plows is the responsibility of the property owner to remove.


To the extent that any previous rule, regulation, policy or past practice, written or unwritten, is in conflict with the provision of this policy, such is hereby withdrawn, voided, and all personnel should conduct themselves in conformity with this policy.


This policy is not intended to create any duty to any individual member of the public or to protect any particular or circumscribed class of persons.  All or parts of this policy may be affected by at least one or more of the following which will delay all or some of the services provided.


1.      Equipment breakdown

2.      Vehicle disabled in deep snow

3.      Weather so severe as to cause crews to be called in from the streets

4.      Equipment rendered inadequate by the depth of the snow or drifts

5.      Crew breaks, and breaks requiring for refueling, refilling of material spreaders and installing chains and new blades

6.      Unforeseen conditions and emergencies