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New Underwood, South Dakota
......a good place to be!

Minutes November 3, 2004



A regular meeting of the New Underwood City Council was held on Nov. 3, 2004 at 6:00 p.m. Present were: Mayor Benita White, Councilmembers: Jackie Dahlquist, Tyler Richter, and LeeAnn Schumacher. Absent: Michael Green. Also present: The Fin. Officer Meri Jo Anderson, Dir. Public Works Greg Hall Asst. Finance Officer Teresa Gossard, Officer Wardle, Dar Sether, Gus Aus, Amy Huether, Dawn Wood, Shad Dahlquist, Clint Rising and Al Ackerman.


Moved by Schumacher second by Dahlquist to approve the agenda. Aye: all. Motion carried.


Motion by Dahlquist second by Schumacher to approve the Oct. 20, 2004 minutes with the following correction The Dir. of Public Works should be released for work, by the doctor starting Monday. Aye: all. Motion carried.


The Finance Officer presented the financial reports, bill-list and vouchers. Motion by Dahlquist second by Schumacher to approve the financial reports and the following warrants as presented. Aye: all. Motion carried.

October bills payable Nov. 3, 2004


Salaries – 3481.62; First Western Bank (SS & FWT) – 971.90; SD Retirement – 433.24; State Treasurer (Sales Tax) – 151.96; WREA (service) – 826.03; Golden West (service) – 166.48; Rapid City Landfill (dump fees) – 1320.75; Rapid City Journal (publishing) – 108.36; DakotaCare (ins) – 1349.10; Steve's (fuel) – 204.79; Elan (supplies) – 328.22; Case Credit (payment) - 958.66; Penn. Co. Hwy. (fuel) – 248.50; Penn. Co. Sheriff’s Dept. (4th quarter) – 7325.00; SDML Work Comp Fund (2005) – 1974.00; Hills Material (Hot Mix) – 698.57; Midcontinent testing (SP) – 15.00. TOTAL: $20562.18.


Salaries – 2189.10; First Western Bank (SS & FWT) – 651.18; SD Retirement – 297.42; WREA (service) – 601.65; Golden West (Water Alarm) – 23.50; Elan (supplies) – 76.63; Midcontinent (water tests) – 261.00; Racicky Plumbing (parts) – 60.68; Dakota Supply Group (meters) – 383.09; Energy Laboratories (tests) – 125.00. TOTAL – $4669.25.


Salaries – 618.58; First Western Bank (SS & FWT) – 170.13; SD Retirement – 103.64; WREA (service) – 101.47; Cellular One (service) – 43.77; Grimms Pump Service (pump) – 661.81; Dakota Pump & Control (omni site) – 56.00; A-1 Sewer (rent jet machine) – 634.50. TOTAL – $2389.90.


Tammie Reiser (refund) – 50.00; Peter Byrne (refund) – 18.02. TOTAL – 68.02



SP#04-13; Roping Club; Nov. 6

SP#04-14; Darlene Sether; Nov 27

Motion by Schumacher second by Richter to approve spiking permits 13 & 14. Aye: all. Motion carried.


# 04-39; Amy Huether; 307 E. Pine; house & garage

#04-40; Clint & Holly Rising; 714 E. Box Elder; house & garage

Motion by Richter second by Dahlquist to approve 04-39 pending payment. Aye: all. Motion carried. Motion by Schumacher second by Dahlquist to approve 04-40 and a nine inch variance on set backs to the west (making the set back 9 feet 3 inches, instead of 10 feet, due to the narrowness of the lot). Aye: all. Motion carried.


Clint Rising requested water and sewer availability to 714 E. Box Elder. Moved by Schumacher second by Richter to approve this request pending paperwork & payment. Aye: all. Motion carried.


The new lift station pump came in Saturday, so the Dir. of Public Works installed it that day. It is working fine. He is still trying to fix the old one for a stand by pump. On Friday the sewer main plugged on Pine and a sewer jet machine from Rapid had to be rented. Mr. Hall repaired our sewer jet machine that day and it is in working order now.


A lengthy discussion on correcting the gross alpha readings followed. Since the State government lowered the minimum allowed in 2002, we have been having a problem being in compliance with what is allowable. The Council and staff continue to pursue practical, as well as economical solutions to this problem, without any useful guidance from the State to date. More updates to follow.


Officer Wardle gave his written monthly report. Report on theft, egging incident, property damage, and suspicious activities.

He also reported he has been selected to be a field-training officer. Congratulations to Officer Dan.


  1. Mr. Hall reported he is still having trouble stabilizing the chlorine since the water storage tank inspection.
  2. The Public Works staff attending a rural water conference this week in Rapid. They reported obtaining useful information and contacts.
  3. A letter from Mary Masten stating tire collection is closed here in New Underwood, and open in Rapid City now.
  4. Two dogs were lost & claimed.
  5. Share order due Monday.
  6. Mark Mills will present the Mitigation plan at the next meeting.
  7. The water expansion to correct the dead end on Pine is in the works and the pipe has been ordered.

Being no further business the Mayor adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.


(Seal) Meri Jo Anderson, Finance Officer

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